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24hour Covert Driving System
— Product Overview

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The DVS driving system is a bolt on upgrade to existing or new vehicles. The DVS system consists of a sensor package mounted onto the outside of the vehicle. The only item penetrating the armour is the cable carrying the power and images. The output to the driver is via a pair of head-mounted spectacles. The system operates over the range of 900nm to 1700nm, providing a wide field of view and, according to the system specified, may be from 120° up to 180°. The field of view is distortion free even at the edges of the image.   CDS24



— Product Specification

The 120° field of view system consists of a two Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras with the images edged matched to provide a continuous distortion free image. The imager is in real time and thus allows the vehicle to be driven at speeds compatible with the terrain. Wider fields of view are available using three or four cameras. A four camera system provides a full 180° of vision thus also helping with perimeter surveillance.

The use of SWIR provides a full 24 hour operation from full sun to starlight. In situations where the scene illumination falls below starlight there are two 1550nm head lights, fitted in place of the two IR headlamps. These provide illumination over the field of view upto a range in excess of 200m.The 1550nm wavelength at which these operate means they are invisible to existing battle field sensors, such as standard direct view systems, Image Intensified goggles or similar, MWIR and LWIR. Therefore using the 1550nm head lights still enables the vehicle to remain covert.


  1. Operating at 900nm to 1700nm.
  2. Provides full 24 hour capability with automatic optimum vision from full daylight down to starlight.
  3. System provides optimum vision for head out night driving and full under armour driving.
  4. 2 camera system shown in a standard housing. System may also be specified in an armoured housing.
  5. System designed for surface mounting on vehicles armour.
  6. Armour penetration by cable only, carrying power and vision.
  7. Wide field of view – 2 camera system provides 100° FOV, without distortion.
  8. Built in illumination using twin 1550nm LASER illumination system.
  9. Ease of use – switch on and use.
  10. Ease of use – output image maybe viewed;
    1.  Using unique head mounted viewing screen, no internal installation.
    2.  Alternatively the image can be provided to existing vehicle screens.
  11. Ease of installation.
  12. Multiply blocks may be used together for full 360° perimeter surveillance. Configured to provide a fully merged image.


Laser illumination used in this system is invisible to Human vision, Intensified vision and
Thermal vision – both 3-5 and 8-14 micron.



— Images & Videos

This is clearly shown in the following picture taken in overcast starlight. The main image is from a SWIR camera used with a 1550nm illuminator. Whereas the smaller inset image is viewing the same scene using a 3rd Generation Intensified CCD camera.


In addition to showing the covert nature of 1550nm illumination, when viewed by alternative night vision system, the picture also indicates the sensitivity of the DVS SWIR camera to illumination at 1550 nm wavelength. The flare from the car is due to the rear light reflectors. Whereas the inset image from the intensified CCD clearly shows that this wavelength does not exist for this type of widely used night vision system.

180180° coverage

120120° coverage

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180° coverage