Defence Vision Systems

  • Defence Vision Systems (DVS) is a United Kingdom company which Designs, Develops and Manufactures cameras and camera systems for the Defence Market from its UK base in Robertsbridge, East Sussex.

  Our Manufacturing Site

  • The DVS manufacturing site, situated in a secluded wooded area, is home to a dedicated group of scientist and engineers who have an in-depth experience in producing cameras and camera systems for the defence market. This skill set is augmented by the on-site facilities which include vibration testing facilities as well as environmental ovens and a dedicated laser facility. The company is highly motivated and extremely flexible, offering a comprehensive range of 24 hour cameras and camera systems as well as a highly successful custom service.


  • DVS was formed in the early 1990s to supply the Defence Market with small, low signal input cameras of high quality. The cameras, in modular form, immediately found favour in Night Vision applications for integration into surveillance systems, armoured vehicles and airborne applications. DVS cameras are now in service worldwide providing low cost, low maintenance products for both night vision and 24 hour use.
  •   Millham, Mountfield, Robertsbridge, TN32 5JU, UK
  •   +44 (0)1580 881199
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  • Note: All image intensified cameras are subject to UK export licence regulation.

  • DVS reserve the right to modify the data outlined without prior notice.

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