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Infrared Laser diode illuminator

— Product Overview

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Infrared LASER diode illuminator:
IRED-1550 — IRED-1064 — IRED 808

The IRED range of illuminators are TE cooled LASER diode based, fixed output power
illuminators operating in continuous mode at one of the three available wavelengths:
IRED operating at 1550nm
IRED operating at 1064nm
IRED operating at 808nm

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Infrared Laser diode illuminator

— Product Specification

1. Short range fixed to a 20degree by 20degree top-hat output.
2. Long range modified by use of a lens system to suit application.

1. Continuous short range (<500m) illumination of low light scenes for:
    a. Enhancing SWIR camera based driving systems.
    b. Enhancing visible band driving systems/urban short range surveillance systems.
2. Continuous long range (>1K with additional lens system) illumination of:
    a. Low light scenes for enhancing long range SWIR surveillance systems.
    b. Low light scenes for enhancing long range visible band surveillance systems

Mass: 150g (w/o lens)
Dimensions: 150mm x 40mm x 40mm (w/o lens)
Note: These dimensions may vary according to wavelength specified.

Power input Voltage: 12V
Current consumption: ≤250mA @ 12V

Supplied in module form for integration into a larger system.
Custom case to suit application.
Lenses for specific applications.

Infrared Laser diode illuminator

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