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24-Hour MultiChannel Surveillance System
— Product Overview

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The MCS24 is a 24-hour multi-spectral surveillance system operating over a broad bandwidth from the visible up to and including the near infrared.
The system combines two individual high resolution sensors using a common optical path. This combination provides not only superb daylight vision but also excellent night vision down to Starlight conditions. The merged image is presented to the user on a separate screen via a digital interface.
System provides images from either wavelength or a merged image formed from any combination of the two wavelengths. Using the on screen slider the user is able to balance the input of the merged image to provide the optimum under adverse weather conditions.
The system offers enhanced long range viewing, even through atmospheric attenuators such as heavy mist, heat and industrial haze. This enhanced capability is also augmented with a high resolution night vision ability providing clear images from clear moonlight down to clear Starlight.
Operation is a user friendly remote operation with clear optimised merged images being provided over the 24-hour period in the waveband of 400nm to 1700nm
System is self contained, housed in an IP66 rated housing and may be mounted directly onto an armoured vehicle or a border surveillance vehicle tower or fixed tower.



— Product Specification


  1. Multi Spectral surveillance from 400nm to 1700nm.
  2. User selected wave length using an on screen slider;
    1. 100% visible (400-900nm) from full Sunlight down to Starlight
    2. 100% near infrared (900-1700nm) from full Sunlight to Clear Starlight
    3. Or any combination of the two wavelengths to provide the optimum image.
  3. Provides full 24 hour surveillance capability with optimum vision from full daylight down to starlight.
  4. Remote control and remote viewing.
  5. Weather proof in and IP 66 housing or available mounted in a skeleton frame for integration into a larger system.
  6. Weather proof, ruggedized Pan and Tilt head.
  7. Optional parameters; may be fitted with a DVS 1550nm laser illuminator or 1550 laser range finder.
  8. Applications;
    1. Armoured vehicle mounted for general surveillance
    2. Medium range border surveillance – vehicle or tower mounted
    3. Target detection and distance measuring
    4. Bomb range observation – see the laser used by the aircraft to paint the target


General Data

Power:                30W
Weight:              19kg
Configuration:     Vehicle mounted or Tripod with powered Pan and Tilt head
Dimensions:       600 x400 x 300mm
Operation:          Remote using an on screen menu.
Housing:            Mounted in an IP66 case.
Pan and Tilt:      Unit housed in IP66 housing
Optical:             Designed and supplied by Davin Optronics.
                        Common Objective Lens with twin relay providing full data to both wavelength sensors.
Control:                  Full remote control via a GigE interface using an on screen menu.
Read out:          User controlled image – all from visible band or all from near IR band or any combination from both.
Options:            Intensified CCD with SWIR
                                Visible with extended SWIR (1200nm to 2200nm)



— Images & Videos [click on images to view full size]



sCMOS in clear starlight conditions


SWIR in daylight


Merged image in clear starlight
Note: 1064nm continuous wave designator


Merged image in misty dusk conditions
Note: 1550nm laser range finder with the laser beam coloured by the DVS software