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Panoramic System

— Product Overview

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DVS offer a range of panoramic systems from 2 camera, offering a 120 degree field of view through to a full 360 degree field of view with upto 8 cameras.

Here again DVS is able to offer a selection of sensors working in the visible band through to the near infrared wavelengths.



Panoramic System

— Product Specification

The DVS Panoramic Viewing System provides real moving images over 360 degrees of view. This is achieved by means of eight independent cameras mounted in a common housing. The output from the cameras is stitched at sub pixel level, image corrected and displayed, at 20 frames per second, on single monitor.
The displayed image may be a single pillar box display covering the whole 360 degree panorama. Alternatively this may be displayed as two separate pillar box images; one placed above the other, with the upper displaying the front 180 degrees and the lower the rear 180 degrees.
The system provides the ability to view movement over the full panorama plus the user is able to zoom in on a particular area of interest. The zoomed image may then be viewed in high resolution for more detailed examination.
The prototype system, as shown, uses eight high resolution colour cameras and provides full colour images during the daylight hours.

The system has been designed to accept alternative sensor packages such as:

  • Monochrome Intensified CCD
  • DVS Colour intensified CCD system
  • Monochrome EMCCD
  • Colour EMCCD
  • Thermal – Cooled 3 to 5 micron
  • Thermal – Uncooled 8 to 14 micron

The DVS Panoramic Viewing System provides a new concept in all round vision for use on armoured vehicles, helicopters in fact anywhere that requires full 360 degree vision over a 24 hour period.

Panoramic System

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