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Product Overview — Super red-enhanced ICCD

SRE-ICCD Quote  

Available in modular form for integration into a larger system, or as a standalone housed unit.

A high specification camera offering:
Enhanced Performance using selected intensifiers offering;

  • Minimum FOM of 1800
  • Minimum Resolution 64 line pair/mm


Camera type:
Available with the DVS Micro and Mini ICCD cameras

Available with the DVS Digital imaging camera

  • Resolution 1392 x 1040
  • Blemish correction
  • Full scan or sub areas
  • 60% increase in resolution over the standard camera

Operation from dusk to dawn; gated to allow use in the early hours or during late evening
Output digital — GigE compliant
Small size and weight
High-Res ICCD  

Product Specification — Super red-enhanced ICCD

Operation range:
Starlight to Sunlight

Camera Details:
Power: 5W nominal
Input Voltage: 12Vdc regulated
Monobody: 66 mm Ø x 115 mm long
  Note: length includes a C-mount lens interface.
Mass: < 500 grams
Resolution: 1392x1040
Lens Fitting: C-mount
(Custom fittings on request)
Output: Progressive scan (digital)
Interface: Camera Link
Temperature Range: Operating: -30° to +50°C
Storage: -40° to +70°C
Operation: Manual
Manual – control of:

  • Frame Shift Smear Shutter
  • On-chip gain
  • Video gain
  • On-chip integration
  • Recursive averaging
  • Sub area controlled in X and Y axis.
  • On–chip binning from 1x1 to 10x1024


Images & Videos — Super red-enhanced ICCD

  3rd Gen.
Image taken using 3rd Gen camera in full moonlight
Click the image for a larger version