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— Product Overview



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  1. Multi Spectral surveillance from 400nm to 1700nm.
  2. Provides full 24 hour surveillance capability with optimum vision from full daylight down to starlight.
  3. Built in 1550nm LASER range finder, system uniquely allows the user to view the LASER spot on the designated target.

See the target see the LASER

System provides.
Vision over the range from 400nm to 1700nm.
Imaging from full daylight down to starlight.
Electronic zoom from x11 to x44
Range Data plus ability to view LASER spot on the designated target.
GPS data and heading using an electronic compass.



— Product Specification

General Data.
Batteries:         Long life, Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po).
Weight:            3.5kg
Configuration:  Tripod mounted or hand held.
Dimensions:      340 x 270 x 140mm
Three button operation –
    System On/Off, LASER Pulse and Electronic Zoom *
    Surveillance image, Range data, GPS data and heading viewed via eyepiece

Eye safe 1550nm (nominal)
Maximum Range:                        5 – 8Km (depending on atmospheric conditions)
Maximum Measurement Range: 10Km
Minimum Measurement Range:   250m
Multiple Objects:                         First/Last reflection returned

Designed and supplied by Davin Optronics.
Common Objective Lens with twin relay.
Visible: - f1.76, 150mm, with a 4.2 degree FOV.  *
LASER Viewer: f7.05, 600mm, with 1.16 degree FOV.   *

Read out: 
Scaled and merged image, scene, range data and heading presented on an LCD screen, viewed via a monocular eyepiece with inbuilt light protection.




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