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— Product Overview

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Short wave infrared cameras working in the near infrared region, when combined with a suitable lens provide, an excellent imaging system. These types of camera are also able to provide good night vision images in clear moonlight and even down to clear starlight.
The DVS range of SWIR cameras includes a 320x256 pixel resolution camera, ideal for applications such as driving or vehicle perimeter surveillance (See the DVS Covert Driving System data). Plus a  640 x 512 pixel resolution camera, ideal for long range surveillance (See the DVS Long Range Surveillance data). Both versions work from 900nm to 1700nm and are ideal for use with 1064 and 1550nm laser illuminators or spotters or range finders (See the DVS TLAS24 and STAS24 data).

  1. Available with an digital output via Ethernet (GigE)  or Analogue (specified at time of order)
  2. Available Options
    1. Housed in an environmental IP66 or IP67 casing.
    2. Choice of lenses





— Product Specification

General Data
Input Voltage: 12Vdc
Power: Digital mode: 20W
          Analogue mode: 26W

Environmental Data
Temperature Range
Operating: -30°C to +60°C
Storage: -40°C to +70°C
Shock: Details on request
Vibration: Details on request

Mechanical Dimensions
Square body: 153mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 73mm(H)

GMS (Gain Management System)
Available in both operating modes — digital and analogue

Optical Data
Lens fitting: C–mount (custom fittings on request)
CCD Type: InGaAs sensor operating in the wavelength
      from 900nm to 1700nm or 1200nm to 2200nm
CCD Format: 2/3 inch or 1 inch
Active Pixels: 320(H) x 256(V) or 640(H) x 512(V)
Image Readout: Digital or analogue — user operated via switch on rear of camera
Digital Interface: GigE Analogue Interface: BNC

Manual Control: Manual control of camera functions using an on screen menu.

  • Choice of resolution
  • Customer specific housing — IP66 or IP67
  • NIR lenses on request
  • Choice of focal lengths


— Images & Videos

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Conditions: Daylight with heavy mist
Lens: 1500mm focal length, Range: 1.7km



Conditions: Heavy overcast starlight
Lens: 750mm focal length, Range: 150m
Illumination: DVS 1550nm Illuminator



Conditions: Late evening in November
Lens: 50mm focal length, Range: 50m


Conditions: Early evening in November
Lens: 50mm focal length
Range: Foreground 4m, bcakground 100m
Field of view: 120°