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— Product Overview



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The TLAS24 is a self contained unit providing a full 24 hour surveillance capability with the added ability to see laser designators/illuminators working in both the visible and near Infrared wave bands.
The system when configured to match the specific wavelength of the laser system is able to see Laser designators and illuminators working at either 800nm, 870nm, 1064nm or 1550nm. The standard system is optimised for a specific wavelength but upgraded versions are available to enable multi-wavelengths to be observed.
Operation is a user friendly remote operation with clear optimised images being provided over the 24 hour period in the waveband of 400nm to 1700nm.  Remotely controlled and viewed via an Ethernet (GigE) link connection with full on screen menu for camera operation and image adjustment.
System is self contained, housed in an IP66 rated housing and may be mounted directly onto a tower or tripod or pan and tilt unit.

Main Parameters

  1. Multi Spectral surveillance from 400nm to 1700nm.
  2. When configured to a specific wavelength (e.g. 1064nm) is able to see the output from a 1064nm wavelength illuminator or designator
  3. Provides full 24 hour surveillance capability with optimum vision from full daylight down to starlight.
  4. Able to be configured to a specific wavelength covering most in service laser systems.
    (e.g. 800nm, 870nm, 1064nm and 1550nm laser designators/illuminators.)
  5. Remote control and viewing or alternatively a standalone tripod mounted system.
  1. Weather proof in and IP66 housing.
  2. Weather proof, ruggedized Pan and Tilt head.


— Product Specification

General Data.
Power: 30W
Weight: 19kg
Configuration: Tripod/Pan and Tilt head mount capability.
Dimensions: 600x400x300mm
Operation: Remote using an on screen menu.
Housing: Mounted in an IP66 case.

Pan and Tilt: Unit available, housed in an IP66 housing

Optical:  Designed and supplied by Davin Optronics.
Common Objective Lens with twin relay providing operation from 400nm to 1700nm.
Provides a full ability to see/observe laser illuminators or laser designators working in the range of 800 to 900nm, working at 1604nm and working at 1550nm.

Control:  Full remote control via a GigE interface using an on screen menu.

Read out: Merged image provided to a remote screen via a Gig E interface.





— Images & Videos


Colour in clear starlight


Monochrome in clear starlight


Monochrome in clear sunlight — tower above castle at 2.5km