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Product Overview — Helmet or small ICCD

Head-Mounted Quote  

Small, rugged, lightweight, intensified CCD camera. 

Providing a unique, body or helmet mounted, hands free 24-hour vision system, from full daylight down to Starlight.



Product Specification —Helmet or small ICCD

Camera Details:
Power: <1.8W
Input Voltage: 12Vdc
TV Line Resolution: >500 tvl @ 5x10-4lux
Lens Fitting: CS-mount
Viewing: via small flat-screen monitor or head mounted micro flat-screen.
Output: Video transmission using a head or body mounted transmitter. Receiver may be body or desk mounted.
Temperature Range: Operating: -30° to +50°C
Storage: -40° to +70°C
Shock Resistance: Nominally 40g
Operation: Camera is fitted with Auto Gating, enabling use during daylight hours.

Images & Videos — Helmet or small ICCD

Helmet camera in use