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Product Overview — Mini-ICCD

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Small, lightweight, low power modular camera set: high performance in a small package. Camera includes the DVS Gain Management System. The system, using through lens technology, provides the optimum image for all night vision applications. When used with a video auto iris lens the camera will operate over the full 24 hour period thus providing redundancy for a daylight system.

  • Low weight < 300 grams
  • Low power < 3W
  • Flexible module configuration
  • Head and electronics unit connected by a flat flexible cable.
    • Cable available in two lengths 150mm and 300mm
  • Standard and high specification intensifiers may be specified.
  • Stand alone or use with the DVS manual control software.



Product Specification —Mini-ICCD

Operating range: 
Starlight to Sunlight

Camera Details:
Power: < 3W
Input Voltage: 5Vdc regulated 
Mass:  260 grams
Video: CCIR or EIA
Lens Fitting: C-mount (Custom fittings on request)
Lens Drive: Video auto iris drive 
Temperature Range: Operating: -30° to +55°C
Storage: -40° to +70°C
Automatic – plug and play
Manual – control of:

  • Intensifier Gating
  • Intensifier Gain level
  • Camera Gain
  • Black Level
  • Gamma Toggle
  • Noise filter
  • Fixed pattern blemish removal

Mono–body housing.



Images & Videos —Mini-ICCD